Basic drawing techniques - a series of short video tutorials

You like drawing but your results are not as good as you wish them to be? I have the right solution for you:
a series of short tutorials about the fundamental basics for drawing and sketching which no one ever told you!

What is the correct sitting position? How are hand and pen position related to the range of motion? How do you manage to draw straight lines, draw circles, set reference points appropriately, and so on!
You can find all the basics for a good drawing technique here.

So far the following video tutorials of the basics of drawing technique have been released:

More lessons are already in production and on my 2-do list.

I'm always happy to hear your comments: if you want a video on a particular topic, have suggestions or questions, you can write me a comment at the bottom of the page or under the video on YouTube.

What's this about?

Basic drawing techniques - a series of short video tutorials

By: Rainer Schmitten

A Problem

If you like to draw, you've probably gotten to the point where you just didn't enjoy it anymore.

Somehow the result is not as you imagined: the face does not look like the person, a body looks unnatural and cramped, the houses tilt back and forth and generally you erase more than you draw?

It would be a shame if you stopped now - after all, you started drawing because you once enjoyed it!

I can tell you from my own experience: You can enjoy drawing again! It's not even that hard to do!

A Solution

Don´t give up

It is quite normal that you get better step by step when learning something new. But this means in return that between the individual progress steps sometimes nothing goes forward!

The important thing is that you still stick with it and don't give up.

Get distance with small exercises

It helps a lot to put the projects aside that frustrate you for one moment and draw other things first. Something you enjoy doing! So you quickly get the frustration out of your head.

Small finger exercises are suitable for this: quick, rough sketches of objects, plants or places from your surrounding.

Drawing or sketching challenges (like #inktober) that you occasionally come across on social media are also very good.

At the same time promote your basic drawing skills

Even better are targeted exercises that will boost your basic drawing skills! Skills that will benefit you in all areas of drawing. These include the appropriate methods of observation or improving hand-eye coordination.

Of course, it is also important to master the theory: Image composition, perspective, color theory, and so on.
But you don't need to study for that!

Reach the goal with intelligent tricks

The amazing thing is: your pictures will be instantly better if you follow a few simple rules when drawing. when drawing. These rules are quite easy and some of them will surprise you, but the success will show up very soon and you will be able to draw better pictures.

For you, I have summarized these rules, tricks and tips in a series of short, intensive tutorial videos: compact and entertaining, always reduced to the essentials.

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