Observe properly and learn to see

Anyone who wants to be able to draw must learn to observe properly and learn to see. Because only those who pay attention to the right things can draw what is desired.

I have four methods of observing , which I worked out to train what is necessary for being able to draw. These are basic skills that will greatly help you learn to draw.

These methods are always combined with each other. A single method is not enough to draw an image to one's satisfaction.

With the four different methods of recognition you will learn

  1. to pay attention to lines,
  2. understand direction, size and position,
  3. find shapes and contours,
  4. use differences in brightness and color.

If you use these methods when observing, you can draw your subject in the appropriate size and position, in the right perspective, and with realistic lighting and shadows.

Articles on the method for recognizing lines

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Articles on the method of recognizing differences in brightness and color

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