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A blog about drawing, art and art materials, handicrafts, techniques and tutorials for diy projects.

It´s all about drawing, sketching and handicraft work

You love drawing, sketching and handicraft?
Or do you want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills?

You´re at the right place!

On this blog I show you tips and tricks of my knowledge from years of practical experience as illustrator, graphic designer and artist. In addition to my courses and workshops, I help you learn how to "see" right. Because to be able to draw, you have to observe some things particularly well - I'll show you what's important!
With my four methods of observing you are up to any drawing challenge.

To help you get your observations down on paper in a proper stroke, I've put together some additional Exercises that will help you improve your drawing technique by practicing the basic skills, needed to do so.

You'll also find easy to follow tutorials on various crafting and drawing techniques.

Newest Articles


I collect existing content from my old blog and social-media channels and give them a fresh look. I produce brandnew, superinteresting tutorials and videos for all you drawers and sketchers and crafters out there.
On my to-do list is a whole lot of new content plannedso keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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You can still find my old, chaotic blog on blogspot: rainerdesigner.blogspot.com

About Me

Portraitzeichnung schwarz/weiß Rainer Schmitten, lächelnd.

My name is Rainer, I live in Bavaria, Germany, am about 40 years old and I draw since I can hold a pen.

After finishing school I learned how to design products, meaning I studied Industrial-Design.

I earn my living as a drawing teacher, graphic designer and illustrator, so you can say that I´m quite into drawing and sketching.

As an Artist I create my works using a large variety of art techniques and art materials and sell them on my own onlineshop on Etsy.

During my years of experience I invented some cool techniqueswhich I teach to students in my art classes about drawing and sketching.

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